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P.S. 65 Mission Statement

Our mission at P.S. 65, "The Academy of Innovative Learning" is to meet the needs of the whole child.  Children do not come in pieces.  They live in families and communities and we believe their involvement is crucial.  We believe every child can and will learn.  We commit to fulfilling this mission by enhancing each child's self-concept through academic and social growth, thereby, preparing our children to function as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing world.  We believe that every student's basic emotional and physical needs must be addressed so that they are able to succeed in school and beyond.  Children enter school with a two-sided mind.  We will encourage them to use it to develop both types of thinking so that they will have access to the maximum potential and be life-long learners.  We believe arts infusion is an integral contributor to stimulating and enriching student learning.