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Welcome to K 209 Super Stars


Ms. Ferragano and Ms. Senk


Please make sure that you check your child's homework folder every night.  We do not want you to go ahead so that the homework will be a review of the day's lessons.  Send back any fliers or notices that need to be signed.

Trip Permission Slips
During the school year, the class is involved in trips outside of school.  Trip Permission Slips are to be returned by due date posted on top of the sheet.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or contact Norma Santaliz, Parent Coordinator.

Writing Expectations for Kindergarten

A picture followed by developmentally appropriate spelling.  Try to get them to stretch their thinking to develop a sentence.   You may write the sentence on a post-it and attach it to their work.

They must write a least 3 sentences on their own with picture support - beginning, middle, ending.  Spelling should be developmentally appropriate.  They must be able to spell their sight words correctly.  They must be able to write their first and last name.

They must be able to write at least 5 sentences.  Get them to stretch their writing by adding details to their stories.  Spelling must be developmentally appropriate and all World Wall Words spelled correctly.  Pictures must correspond to text.  They must use more "WOW" words when they write as well as proper grammar.  They must be able to listen to a story that is read to them and write at least 1-2 sentences about the story.


ames!  Practice alphabetical order.

PBS Kids - Arthur
Fun games with Arthur

Construct a Word
Making words with a machine.  

Fun Brain Games
Fun games to increase your brain power! 

Hear a Story
Listen to a story and see the words.

This is filled with a very big variety of games for Kindergarten students.

Learning Planet 
Try a few fun games.  The alphabetical order game is great.

Math Games 
Variety of Math Games

Mighty Books 
Reading is an adventure!